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GENERATION is the team to tackle, engage, collaborate and enlighten the explosive world Esports and Gaming.  Whether you are a Community, Government, Business, Developer, Supplier, Team or Event Platform we offer value and experience that is second to none.


  • The gaming and esports world is for everyone, and that inclusivity is built and protected by the organizations, businesses, teams, and fans that uphold those values.  This requires us all to make that commitment every day to ensure that there is an end to workplace harassment, abuse, retaliation, and discrimination of all kinds.  The recent reports of these violations at Activision Blizzard are alarming and detrimental to the fabric of this community. 

    Generation urges all of our partners and friends to make this a moment of reflection and action on how we can all ensure these injustices don’t happen again in the gaming community.  We stand for what is just and equitable for everyone in the gaming and esports world so that we all can continue to thrive and enjoy the games, teams, and events that bring us together.

  • Check out the latest Innovecs interview and blog post featuring Generation's President and Chief Esports / Gaming Visionary Officer, Billy Le Voir-Barry, as he discusses the gaming world as a community and how it is evolving! You can read the full article at this link.

  • I Can't Breathe - A Spoken Word Film by David Bianchi
    As the George Floyd Trial Continues in Minneapolis, Billy remembers many days in the spring of 2020, in Minneapolis, as fires, tear gas, rubber bullets, massive police patrols, Semi-Trucks, National Guard Army Tracks and Tanks, impacted me, my friends and neighbors. GENERATION is pleased to support David Bianchi's NFT creation, to help support the George Floyd Family.

    "These times are calling for understanding. The global movement to abolish racism is here," said Bianchi. "I tell the story honestly to offer a hopeful perspective on why the fury runs so deep."

  • Former IBM CTO of Esports Launches Generation Esports and Video Games
    After working for nearly 11 years working at IBM, Bill Le Voir-Barry announced in February that he was leaving the company, though it turns out it was not a completely voluntary exit. Le Voir-Barry served as the chief technology officer of esports and gaming for nearly three years and nearly eight years in other roles at IBM.
  • IBM CTO of Esports and Gaming Exits Company
    After nearly 11 years working at IBM, Bill Le Voir-Barry announced Tuesday that he is leaving the company to pursue other interests mostly aligned with gaming and esports.
  • How Esports Are Fueling The Data Economy" (Jan 2020) by Bill LeVoir-Barry Forbes Contributor & Former CTO IBM Esports & Video Games
    Electronic sports, or esports, have become much bigger than the professionals who play video games for a living. Esports are a global phenomenon.




The Esport Journey - understanding such needs as fan engagement, identify most influential audience members for specific topics and lookalikes. Bringing together both structured and unstructured data in one single view across. Understand and provide insights for fans, gamers, executives, developers, students and everyone. Broadcasts and streams on multi-platforms. Hybrid cloud with multiple cloud providers, Telco’s carriers, and mobile carriers. Mobile gaming within esports. Stadium and Arena designs! With years of experience in blockchain, GENERATION understands that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are changing esports and gaming. GENERATION’s unique blockchain based leadership and architectural abilities will help you take this to market.


Deepen fan engagement within the esports community - provide elements for shout casters and broadcast teams. Captivate audiences and improve storytelling to bring a more personal connection between team/player and fans. Broadcasting & Event Production that reduce effort / overhead / burden of broadcast team. Automated ingestion, identification, indexing of content. Natural language query of highly relevant content. Consolidate the resources and locations required for production broadcast. Global partnerships with esports events and services teams.


Over 15+ years of working with the Global Esports and Video Game Community. Highly experienced and adept at interacting and educating across the C-Suite, Dev Teams, Engineers, Architects & Game Teams. Maximizing performance and interaction between the game community and your business. Global Esports Executives and Worldwide Government Relationships along with in-depth Game & Esports Production and Development Methodologies. Our GENERATION Team continually going above and beyond for your 360° experience.


Competitive! On the Edge of Your Seat! Communication! Team Abilities! Allow GENERATION to help with team recruiting, team training, coaches and managers insight into performance. Provide exciting snippets of team chatter and engagement during various events.


Whether you’re developing a MOBA, RPG, mobile, PC, Xbox, cloud gaming or designing services to engage your fans and customers – allow GENERATION to advise, consult, and provide skills and experience to maximize your ROI.


When it comes to STEM, EdTech, P-TECH or other learning models utilizing games and gamification – allow GENERATION to assist you being on the forefront to engage the potential training abilities within high schools, colleges, and universities in the private and public sector.
Bill Le Voir-Barry

15+ Years Working with Global & International Teams
15+ Years Technology Assessments & Architectural Planning for Diverse Environments

14+ Years of Consulting

13+ Years in Games / Esports / Media Platforms / Gamification

11+ Years in Agile / SCRUM full projects & assessing clients


Gaming visionary, or Grand Wizard William is leveling up in the world of Esports and video games. His new adventure includes forming GENERATION and continuing to be a vital force in the gaming industry. With his experience in industries such as Media/Games, Gamification, Government, DOD, Transportation & Healthcare, he has encountered very complex technology and state of the art environments. In the world of games & gamification, William works with clients on improving ROI – through Agile / DevOps, SCRUM, Motivational Game Mechanics, Efficiency in Architecture and Cloud Patterns. William strives to put his clients first. His work with diverse technologies including BigWorld, Unreal, Unity SDK, Cloud/Watson, Cognos TM1, and various Cloud Patterns. Outside of client time, you will find William exploring the rocky shores of Pacific Northwest, getting “Beat-up” in a game of StarCraft II, LOL, or perhaps walking the Strand in Manhattan Beach.




Chief Executive Officer


President & Chief Esports /
Gaming Visionary Officer



Taylor Palacino


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